Children: Our Present – Our Future…

Child Pre-Fut 3Some people say that children are the church of tomorrow.  I say children are the church of today.  Since working with our children, I have seen so many wonderful things going on with children.  Whether it’s working with crafts,   enjoying story time with Miss Dianne, or enjoying the fellowship meal; they are all so connected.  They bring joy and happiness.  They give love and encouragement.  And unlike some adult, they just can’t wait to come again. Child Pre-Fut 2

Our Sunday evening meetings will start again in March.  In the meantime we are working on an Easter Egg Hunt and Vacation Bible School.  Our tentative  date for VBS is June 13-17, Monday-Friday from 6:00-8:00.  Want a blessing?  Set aside some time to attend VBS.  Even if you can’t attend every night, volunteer to help as much as you can.  Use your talents and help build the church of today and the church of tomorrow.

                                                           -Blessings,  Ruth Sizemore (Children’s Committee Chair)