“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” [Jeremiah 1:5a N.R.S.V.]

The theme for this, the 30th anniversary, resurrection was that each and every one of us is known by god.

Thirty years ago three pastors in the Holston annual conference had an idea for a youth event each year in Gatlinburg, tn. They were inspired to name the event resurrection and presented their idea to the conference council on youth ministry. Reluctantly CCYM agree to back their idea and the first resurrection was held. It was attended by between three hundred fifty to four hundred youth and adult counsellors.

From that humble beginning resurrection has grown into one of the largest youth events in the southeastern united states and the second largest United Methodist youth event in the world! And oh how god has used it!

Literally thousands of young lives have been touched and changed attending resurrection. Thousands of souls have been saved and scores of young people have answered the call to fulltime Christian service as preachers, youth pastors, Missionaries and by other avenues of service for Christ and his church.

This year’s speaker was Reggie Dobbs who is an excellent preacher. His messages were built around the fact that god knows you and has a plan for your life. No matter whom you are how small, young, weak or insignificant you think you are, god has given your life a purpose and will strengthen you to live out that purpose. Now you have to choose to accept him as your savior, obey him, and seek to know god’s will for that purpose to happen.

Sometimes this is not easy. Sometimes we wait, hope and pray and it seems as if god never answers. Sometimes it even seems as if god does not even hear. Faith, however, tells not to give up. I constantly have to remind myself that god’s time is different than my timetable. What we think is forever may just be god waiting for the right time.

I do not know why some people are miraculously physically healed while others are not; i do not know while some Christians seemly are blessed in all they do while others struggle in all things, but i do know that god is always there and that god cares for us all!

One thing Reggie said will stick with me forever. It is this: “don’t let your situation dictate you savior, let your savior dictate your situation.”

So in all things, trust JESUS!