Devotion July 10, 2024

Devotion July 9, 2024

Sunday Reflection (July 7, 2024)

Sunday Reflection upon 2 Corinthians 12:2-10
Have you ever found yourself reasoning like Paul?  “If I could only rid myself of this ‘thorn in the flesh,’ then I would be perfect and ready for God’s work.” God reminded Paul and us that divine power works through us despite our limitations and weaknesses. We don’t need to be flawless or in perfect circumstances to be instruments of God’s love, kindness, and compassion. This is a universal truth that transcends our individual circumstances, and regardless of our location, position, or relationship, we can all be instruments of God’s love, kindness, and compassion.

Recognizing our imperfections is a crucial step toward spiritual growth. It also makes us more gracious, kind, and patient with others.  We all have limitations and weaknesses, but through the Holy Spirit’s guiding influence, which includes comforting, teaching, and empowering us, and following Jesus Christ’s teachings, God works through us and draws us closer in communion and fellowship with God and one another. This divine guidance gives us a sense of direction and support in our journey towards spiritual growth.

Prayer for the Week (July 7, 2024-July 13, 2024)

Let us pray that we reject not the Word of God coming among his own: God, our Father without equal, your Son, your Word, came among us as one of our own, our own flesh and blood. Dispose us to welcome him always and to listen to what he tells us through the Holy Spirit, even when his Word upsets and disturbs us, for it is a Word of life and grace. Give us the courage to pass on his Word to one another, so that it liberate us all and lead us to you as your one people.Amen.
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Sunday Sermon July 7, 2024


Devotion July 2, 2024

Sunday Reflection (June 30, 2024)

Sunday Reflection upon Lamentations 3:31-33
The book of Lamentations, a collection of poetic laments, mourns the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple when the Babylonians carried the ancient Judeans into captivity. It is a powerful testament to the human experience of suffering and hope. Even in the darkest times, the Judeans held onto a glimmer of hope, beautifully captured in the Book of Lamentations. While in captivity and far from home, they hoped to return but did not wish to “wait in vain.” The book of Lamentations, emphasizing hope amid significant discomfort, inspires us today.
Lamentations remind us that the faithfulness of God is not always felt. It must be believed even in the most lonely and distraught moments. If we remember anything from Lamentation, it is this: God’s compassion ultimately overcomes God’s anger. We often forget that when we think about God’s relation to the world, be it today or a future in which God ultimately triumphs. The ultimate triumph is God’s mercy and compassion, a beacon of hope that the resurrection of Jesus gives us a glimpse of, filling us with optimism for the future.

Prayer for the Week (June 30, 2024-July 6, 2024)

Let us pray for the strength to reject the darkness of sin: Father in heaven, the light of Jesus has scattered the darkness of hatred and sin. Called to that light, we ask for your guidance. Form our lives in your truth and our hearts in your love. We ask this Christ our Lord. Amen.
                                                        (Sunday Missal, alt.)




Sunday Sermon June 30, 2024

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