Thursday Devotion October 14, 2021

Tuesday Devotion October 12, 2021

Sunday Sermon October 10, 2021

Prayer for the Week (October 10-October 16, 2021)

Let us pray to God for the wisdom to follow God’s Son
    without hesitation:
Lord our God, your living Word upsets us
    because you give first place in your kingdom
    to the last and least.
You call the poor rich and blessed
    and ask the rich to become poor.
Give us the wisdom of living for the things
    that matter and follow your Son
    on the road to you and our neighbor.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.
                                                             (Claretian Publications)

Sunday Reflection (October 10, 2021)

God judged the ruling classes of ancient Israel because mistreating the poor was a fundamental rejection of Israel’s relationship with God. God took notice (Amos 5:6-7, 10-15). When the “rich, young ruler” approached Jesus, Jesus told him to sell all he had, and give to the poor. He walked away (Mark 10:17-26). God’s Word, Jesus Christ, discerned the thoughts and intentions of this rich man, but enough about this rich man who is an easy target for those who are not rich. God’s Word discerns your thoughts and your intentions too! As well as mine!
What keeps you from the kingdom of God? What keeps you from bringing about the kingdom of God? Not what keeps your neighbor or that person of another faith from the kingdom of God, but what keeps you from the kingdom of God and bringing about the kingdom of God? God’s Word exposes our weakness and sins – no ifs, ands, or buts, yet God’s grace makes the impossible a possibility (Mark 10:26-27).

Devotion October 7, 2021

Devotion October 5, 2021

Sunday Sermon October 3, 2021

Sunday Reflection (October 3, 2021)

When we welcome children, we welcome God. When we welcome
the powerless and vulnerable, we welcome God. When I say welcome,
I do not mean a condescending welcoming, but a true offering of friendship
as equals because before God, we are all powerless and vulnerable. Jesus
did not tolerate contempt toward the powerless and vulnerable.
Nevertheless, with God, we are strengthened to lift up one another, and bring
about the healing and restoration of relationships through the Holy Spirit that dwells
within us and among us. We bring about the Kingdom of God when we welcome
and embrace the powerless and the vulnerable.

Prayer for the Week (October 3-October 9, 2021)

Let us praise God for coming to us
    in Jesus Christ:
Father, in the beginning you spoke
    your creative Word
    and brought order out of chaos.
Again, you spoke your creative Word
    and it became enfleshed
    in Jesus of Nazareth.
The Holy Spirit renews us
    unto the image of Jesus Christ
    and leads us in the way of Christ.
                                                             (Moira B. Laidlaw)