Daily Devotion August 11


Prayer for the Week (August 9-August 15)

Let us pray that through us others find the way to life in Christ: Father, we come, reborn in the Spirit, to celebrate our sonship and daughtership in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Touch our hearts and help them grow toward the life you have promised. Touch our lives and make them signs of your love for all. Grant this through Christ our Lord who eternally dwells with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, now and forevermore. Amen.

(Sunday Missal alt.)

Sunday Reflection (August 9, 2020)

Daily Devotion August 10


August 9 Sunday Sermon


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Sunday Reflection (August 2, 2020)

Many of God’s blessings are free, but some cost us greatly if we pursue them (Genesis 32:22-31). The Patriarch Jacob received a limp and that limp can be compared to the scars of Jesus’ hands and feet.  As I said, some blessings have a high cost, if we pursue them.  I still have my struggles with God, and I assure you God still has his struggles with me, but the purpose of God’s struggling with us is to keep us on God’s path.  To keep us on the path of Christ which is the way of kindness, peace, and love.

Although Jacob was a schemer, a cheat, and a deceiver, he found himself beloved of God.  God knows our deceits, our weaknesses, and our sins, yet God loves us so much that God wrestles with us, or else you would not be reading this.  God loves us and engages where we are, and if you have your struggles with God do not be alarmed, Jacob had his, so hang on like Jacob…who became Israel.

Prayer for the Week (August 2-August 8)

Let us pray to the Father whose kindness never fails: God our Father, gifts without measure flow from your goodness to bring us your peace. Our life is your gift. Guide our life’s journey, for only your love makes us whole.  Keep us strong in your love.

(Sunday Missal)