Poinsettia Memorial

Poinsettias have been placed round the Altar for the Glory of God, and in loving…..

Memory Of: By:
 Ray DeZern The DeZern Family
 Dean Larrowe  Jane, Sam, Katie & Jacob Patton
 Michael White (Son)         Judy White
 Jimmy Cockerham  Jackie, Rachel, Emily, Milo
 (2) David W. Spraker; M/M Rex Davis & M/M Harry Spraker  Rexene, Tim, Rhonda, David & Derek
 Vass Family (Pete, Faye, Cathy & Sarah)  Danise & Family
 Dr. & Mrs. Morris Wechsler  C. C. Kurtz, Jr., Janis & Family
 Daisy & Glenn Cox – Flora Garner  Lona Cox
 Bruce, Helen & Jim Galyen  Jan & Austin
 Claude Turner  His Family
 Rex & Ethel Burris – Rev. Blace & Alma Davis  Eddie & Hazel Davis
 Arville, Mary & Vickie (Jim’s parents – sister)  Jim & Dianne Marshall
 D. E. Ward, Jr.        Dianne & Jim Marshall
 Mary Ella Brannon  Bill Brannon
 D. E. Ward, Jr.        Doris D. Ward
 (2) Gene & Eleanor Nuckolls – Patrick Nuckolls  Gail, Clark, Steve & Families
 Barney Holder         The Clark Nuckolls Family
 Carolyn Peddy         The Peddy Family 
 Jerry Vaughan        Ralph, Lee & Mark
 (3) Bob & Hazel Murphy; Bryan & Ruby Livesay;  Bill & Linda Murphy
 Eliza Murphy & Ella Phipps  Bill & Linda Murphy
 Roger Burnette  Linda, Michelle, Jerry, Gavin, Emily, Craig, Sarma, Samuel
 Jessie-Edward Ogburn & Libbie-Earl Kirby  Donnie & Earlene Ogburn
 Charles Chappell, Sr. & E.E. Chappell Family  Vinnie & Charlie Chappell
 Elbert Rhoda & Nancy Ferrell     Vinnie & Charlie Chappell
 Honor of:     By:
 Paris Catron  Bobby & Gail Catron
 Rubie Larrowe        Jane, Sam, Katie & Jacob Patton
 Edith Bullion (mother)      Judy White
 Adam & Julie Farmer        Richard & Judy Farmer
 Frank Ceary  Jackie, Rachel, Emily & Milo
 Rev. & Mrs. C.C. Kurtz, Sr.          C. C. Kurtz, Jr., Janis & Family
 Sandy Grabman  Sonny & Nancy Westmoreland
 Boly McMillan (Great-Grandson)  Eddie & Hazel Davis
 (2) Doris Ward        –  Cornett Parks  Jim & Dianne Marshall
 Linda Richardson  Bill Brannon
 Shirley DeZern  Grant, Keely, Derek DeZern
 (2) Dianne & Jim Marshall – Phillip & Judy Parks  Doris D. Ward
 Earlene Ogburn  Donnie
 Elaine Vater Dillon  Sandy & Larry Grabman

“When the Man of Principles Becomes a Man of Faith”

Matthew 1:19 reads:  “Joseph was a man who always did what was right, but he did not want to disgrace Mary publicly; so he made plans to break the engagement privately.” [T.E.V.]   

Joseph is often the forgotten character in the Christmas story.  He was a man of principles.  Undoubtedly Joseph was a law-abiding, scripture-reading, synagogue-going man.  He may even have been a leader of the mainstream Judaism of his day.  Being engaged gave the man all the same rights that a husband had.  Even the right to charge his intended with adultery which, by the way, was punishable by stoning.  Therefore, when Mary told him she was pregnant Joseph had every right to bring charges against her.  Indeed, that was the morally correct and principled thing to do.

We catch a glimpse of Joseph’s character in the verse quoted above.  Not wanting Mary to be disgraced publicly implies that Joseph at least cared for Mary.  However you would think that if he really loved her Joseph would have gone ahead and married Mary even knowing that the child she carried was not his.  Many engaged couples of that day lived together as husband and wife so the birth of before the marriage ceremony was not unusual and therefore would not have caused scandal.  But Joseph was a man of principles!  And we all know that principles must be stronger than anything else!  If a man does not have his principles, he is no man at all!

Yet when we try to follow abstract principles we are most likely to dismiss God’s miracles.  We become unable to recognize God’s surprises and often close ourselves off from God’s grace.  But isn’t it amazing how sometimes God breaks in and touches our lives?  For Joseph it was the angel of the Lord speaking to him in a dream.  For you and me it was the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that changes us and allows us to live by faith.

When Joseph awoke he was able to go beyond doing what was “right” according to his principles and be faithful to God’s loving command.  Joseph let go of his cold absolute morals and went with the loving God who needed him to carry out God’s purpose in the world.  This Christmas season let us move from uncaring principles and begin to live by faith.  Maybe God also has a work for you and me to do.  Are we faithful enough to do it?