“Whom Shall I Send, And Who WIll Go For Us?” ISAIAH 6:8

“Whom Shall I Send, And Who WIll Go For Us?” ISAIAH 6:8

For 40 years when Richard heard this call he answered with – “Here I am! Send me.”

We have been very fortunate that God placed Richard in three churches in our region, including FUMC. His dedication to his congregations was evident on Sunday afternoon. The reception to honor Richard’s years of service was well attended by the people of Oakland, Floyd and Galax churches. In addition, there was a surprise visit from his sister and her family. People took the opportunity to share with Richard the many ways he positively impacted their lives. In addition to the visits, prayers, and support he has extended to us, his Bible studies and Sunday school class have been extra blessings. The congregations presented Richard with a “gift certificate” for a trip to the Holy Lands with District Superintendent Kim Goddard. Fortunately, Richard will still be in the area so we can enjoy his friendship in the years to come.


I am such a creature of habit. I hate change. I get upset when Head & Shoulders changes their shampoo bottle. I almost went into shock when Food City rearranged their aisles. So you can imagine how the major change in my life, going from Full Elder Status to Retired Elder Status, is affecting me!

For the past forty years my identity has been that of the preacher. I have served United Methodist Congregations as the “Pastor in Charge.” After this Annual Conference this may not be the case. My life has also been centered around the Sunday Worship Service so I will need to make a major readjustment in how I spend my time. This will not come easily for me.

Now my head knows that the change has to come. Especially in our United Methodist itinerant system. We know we are not appointed to stay an any one church or charge but realize that eventually there will be a change. However, this head knowledge never found its way into my heart!

So if I seem preoccupied or “not quite right” during the next few weeks, please bear with me. The Second Sunday in June will be my last time in the pulpit. However I will be “on call” to be your pastor should the need arise, until the new minister takes over July 1st.

Even though I will no longer be your minister I hope to always be your friend.

My new mailing address is: 412 ½ West Center Street, Apt C, Galax, VA 24333

Know that I will always love you.