Pastoral Ponderings (October 2018)

It was a wet September. We witnessed a five-inch rainfall night and then a week later, Hurricane Florence, downgraded to a tropical depression, moved through our area. Perhaps October will not be as dramatic weather-wise. As I sit here writing the first draft of “pastoral ponderings” for October, the sun is shining brightly! There is hope!

We hope to have a beautiful fall foliage in late October. We hope our respective teams win. We hope the weather to be that perfect mix of cool nights and cooler (not cold) days.The drives in this region during this time of the year are among the best. We hope to find time for those drives. There is hope!  

We hope in God, that is, we trust that God is with us. This is easier to proclaim when things are going well than when things are not going well, but it may be that at our lowest points we have a greater hope in God. What I mean by that is that when things are going well, we have received that for which we hope. Perhaps we get complacent. 

It is easy to overlook those who hope for many of the things we have. This can be anything from material goods to social situations we take for granted. For instance, we do not have to worry that the neighboring town will invade our town, burn it to the ground, and murder everyone over the age of 30 while enslaving the rest, but what about those in such a situation?
 In Nigeria? Yemen? Syria? Myanmar among the Rohingya? On a personal level, if we have good mental and physical health we may overlook those who have ill health.   

The world is big and far from perfect, just as we ourselves are, yet when we consider in our prayers those still hoping for the things we already possess, we pray and hope with them so that when the opportunity presents itself to make a difference, we are ready for action.  

How big and broad is your hope? Does it extend beyond you personally? Does it include God’s hope for the world: Peace, kindness, fairness, justice? May our hope and faith be broad
and grand.  

Pastor Mark McFadden

Life Line Screening – November 5, 2018

Life Line Screening is once again holding their event at our Church on Monday, November 5, 2018.

Pre-registration is required.

If you are interested, please contact them directly at (888) 653-6450  for an appointment.

The Church office can provide you with further details.

Missions Committee Dinner – October 28th

Come and have Sunday dinner with us October 28th after worship service. There is no charge for the meal but donations will be happily accepted to carry on the Church’s mission work. Hope to see you all there.

Pastoral Ponderings (September 2018)

It is late summer.  I anticipate the crisp, cool autumnal days ahead.  Football season is in full swing:  First, high school, then college, and pro.  I have attended two Maroon Tides games.  They play well and appear to be well-coached.  I am also impressed with the field and stadium.  It is a nice spot for a high school football game.

I also noticed that FUMC is well represented in supporting the community from concessions to parking.  Part of being a Christian is certainly being a help to the local community.  To be a follower of Jesus Christ is to make a difference for the good.  This is indeed spreading Good News of peace, and far more often than not, this is accomplished is the small, everyday things we do in life from a genuinely warm greeting to selling popcorn to raise fund
for scholarships.  

It is difficult to believe that Jesus was only in public ministry for three years, yet his words and way of life have made a grand impact upon human life and in history.  Of course, being resurrected from the dead is the ultimate impact in that resurrection demonstrates that God’s love cannot be defeated by hatred, malice, and corruption.  

Be encouraged that following Jesus Christ is the way of life that God intends for human-kind.  Do not be swayed by the corruption and evil around us; rather, be a light shining in the darkness.  No matter our profession, or place, or situation in life, we can always bear witness to God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ.   The Holy Spirit leads us in this way.

Pastor Mark McFadden

Children’s Bible Study – August 19th

On Sunday, August 19, we opened our Children’s bible study with a puppet show.  Pink, Tigger and Bea (Our new puppet) introduced the lesson on The Beatitudes.  Miss Becky gave a quick introduction of the Sermon on the Mount.  We got off to a good start when Miss Dianne took us on a journey about the Beatitudes reading each bible verse and explaining what each one means to us today in words that children can understand.

Our craft followed our theme.  Using a flower with petals the children put together a craft that used both the bible verses and the kid friendly verse.  We had ample help from Miss Nancy, Miss Becky, and Miss Glenna.  It was a fun craft and you can check it out on our bulletin board outside the children’s room.

We introduced Pastor Mark to the bells, and had a quick lesson and a fun time with them.  Pastor Mark does know his colors, so important to play the bells.  Hopefully we can spend more time on them next session.

Then it was off to the picnic.  What a treat for everyone.


“Let the little children come unto me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God
belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 (NIV)