Prayer for the Week (Sept. 22-Sept. 28)

Let us pray to the Lord that we be fair and generous to all: Just and merciful God, may we neither adore money and possessions nor sacrifice the poor to them. May our hearts be gentle and compassionate so that we not neglect the dispossessed and those trampled upon. May we share with them in your name, Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

(Claretian Publications)

Sunday Reflection (September 22, 2019)

On the one hand, wealth can be used wisely to help other people, gain friendships, or to secure a financial future. On the other hand, our use of wealth may magnify our inclination to take advantage of situations that benefit only us and no one else. Jesus warns us to not be captivated by the corrupting influence of wealth (Luke 16:1-13).

May we take advantage of what God has given us for good purposes. We all have gifts, we all have possession, yes some more than others, but do not let that prevent you from questioning yourself about what you do with what you possess. May we take advantage of situations to enrich the quality of human life as representative of Christ’s Church.

Prayer for the Week (Sept. 15-Sept. 21)

Let us pray to our faithful Father who always loves us and waits for us: God, our patient Father, it is a joy for you to forgive the repentant sinner. You even allowed your Son to lay down his life to bring us forgiveness and life. Dispose those whom we have offended to forgive us too. May we be ready to forgive wholeheartedly and without regrets those who have hurt us. May we be a people who forgive and receive forgiveness with the goodness you have shown us in Jesus Christ our Lord, who dwells with you and the Holy Spirit, One God now and forevermore. Amen.

(Claretian Publications)

Sunday Reflection (September 15, 2019)

Moses interceded for Israel and understood that God seeks to restore and renew sinful people (Exodus 32:7-14). Perhaps more often than not, we desire mercy for ourselves, and justice and judgment for those whom we deem greater sinners than we. Our New Testament Scripture Reading from 1Timothy affirmed God’s grace despite human unrighteousness (1 Timothy 1:12-17).

Jesus, the perfect one, extends grace to us and intercedes for us. God offers us grace, forgiveness, and restoration in Jesus Christ. Oh, to be like Jesus and Moses!
There are certain attitudes and actions on our part that reflect the character of Christ, and perhaps first and foremost is extending grace to those who fail us
in one way or another.

Prayer for the Week (Sept. 8-Sept. 14)

Let us pray that we follow Jesus consistently through the leading of the Holy Spirit: God our Father, we have accepted your invitation to follow your Son, Jesus, as his disciples. May the Holy Spirit give us the wisdom and strength to take our faith seriously and to accept our task in life with all its consequences. May the Holy Spirit guide us in the way of your Son without fear or discouragement, for we are certain that Jesus will lead us to you, our loving God forever and ever, Amen.

(Claretian Publications)

Sunday Reflection (September 8, 2019)

We Christians have been far from perfect. Christians have justified slavery and segregation with Scripture. Christians have used the non-violent Jesus as a pretext for war. As an individual representative of Jesus Christ, I can say that I have been far from perfect, yet there is hope (Jeremiah 18:4).

Yet, through the Holy Spirit, God reshapes us and remolds us into beautiful instruments of his will, no matter our position or location! We become the people for whom we are destined in Christ Jesus.

Sunday Reflection (September 1, 2019)

When we think of the Old Testament we may have the image of God on Mt. Sinai as was mentioned last week. The Israelites could not even approach the mountain and Moses trembled with fear. However, one aspect of the Old Testament that we may overlook is the Old Testament’s thorough emphasis upon fairness and justice in society (Psalm 82).

Jesus expressed the spirit of the Scripture in his teachings and manner of life, and part of this teaching and manner highlighted God rejection of the proud and arrogant in favor of the poor and dispossessed. Jesus encourages us to invite the poor, dispossessed, down and out, and the lame in body or spirit
(Luke 14:1, 12-14).

God our Father has welcomed us into a fellowship with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. May we welcome others and invite others into our lives when the opportunity presents itself, but do not let that be an excuse because we may have to create the opportunity.

Prayer for the Week (Sept. 1-Sept. 7)

Let us pray to God who forgives all who call upon him: Lord God of power and might, fill our minds with insight into love so that every thought grow in wisdom and all our efforts be filled with your peace. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Sunday Missal, alt.)