Daily Devotion, June 29


June 28 Sermon

Prayer for the Week (June 28-July 4)

Let us pray for the gift to reject the darkness of sin:  Father in heaven, the light of Jesus has scattered the darkness of hatred and sin.  Called to that light, we ask you for your guidance.  Form our lives in your truth and our heats in your love.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.

(Sunday Missal)

Sunday Reflection (June 28, 2020)

On the one hand, we can consent and give malice, revenge, sheer self-interest, deceit, jealously, and other sins control over our lives. On the other hand, we can present ourselves to God as instruments of righteousness (Romans 6:12-13).

If you are not presenting yourself fully to God, I am not here to browbeat you and say you should.  Rather, ask yourself why? (and I ask myself that same question).  What prevents us from living a life with others in the context of love, concern, and compassion? What prevents us from presenting yourself to God?

Daily Devotion, June 25


Daily Devotion, June 24


Daily Devotional, June 23


Daily Devotional, June 22


June 21Sermon


Prayer for the Week (June 21-June 27)

Let us pray that our life and words speak out for the Lord: God our Father, we have experienced grace, love, and forgiving mercy from you. Your Son Jesus has brought us an unforgettable message of joy. Through the Holy Spirit, lead us to share with others the grace we have received from you. May our lives bear witness that Jesus walks by our side. Grant this through Christ our Lord.

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