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Sunday Reflection (July 10, 2022)

The book of Deuteronomy reminds us that God’s Word is not something so far removed that we cannot get a glimpse of it (Deuteronomy 30:9-14). I am not suggesting we grasp God’s Word in its totality, but enough of God’s Word to lead us in following divine paths. God’s Word is close to us, yet […]

Sunday Reflection (July 3, 2022)

When someone is caught in a trespass Paul steers “spiritual ones” away from fueling fires that produce harshness and bitterness; rather, he advocates a humility and gentleness that arises from an awareness and recognition that we all can fail (Galatians 6:1-10). A non-spiritual person desires to embarrass the person and tells others how bad this […]

Prayer for the Week (July 3, 2022-July 9, 2022)

Let us pray that our lives be a reflection of Christ’s life:  Merciful God, you gave your only Son to be both a sacrifice for sin and an example of godly life. May we gladly receive all that he has done for us and follow in his footsteps being led by the Holy Spirit.  Amen. […]

Prayer for the Week (June 26, 2022-July 2, 2022)

Let us pray to God for the strength to follow Jesus wherever he leads us: Strong and kindhearted Father, in Jesus your Son, you reveal to us that love is a gift from you calling us to give ourselves without hesitation.  Open our ears to his call to commit ourselves with open hearts and hands […]