Sunday Reflection (April 24, 2022)

As Christ’s Church, we have become agents of reconciliation through forgiveness. We offer others the peace we have found through the forgiveness that we have received from God. We have our own struggles with retaining sins because we have issues either offering forgiveness or receiving forgiveness. Nevertheless, like the disciples, we are sent to proclaim reconciliation with God and one another through Jesus Christ based upon divine forgiveness. As God sent Jesus, Jesus sends you (Acts 5:27-32).

We can only do our share and hope the one from whom we are estranged, responds
in faithfulness, sincerity, and repentance, just as we are to be sincere, faithful, and repentant. The hope of present and future peace rests upon our offering forgiveness in the hope of reconciliation. Like the disciples, Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit upon us and “peace flows.” Peace flows from God the Father through God the Son to us, and through us by the Holy Spirit, this peace flows unto the world. Christianity is about making the world a better place with its emphasis upon peace and grace. This is not a pseudo peace that hides all the bad under the rug; it is a peace that confronts that which hinders peace and grace, and that which hinders begins with us!