Sunday Reflection (February 16, 2020)

Jesus says that using words to put someone down or insult them puts the person speaking the insulting words in danger of judgment from God (Matthew 5:21-22). Although there are legitimate reasons to get angry, there is no legitimate reason to get mean and ugly when we are angry. Jesus is fairly serious about deliberately insulting another person or a group of people.

Targeting a person or a group of people with words designed to denigrate has no place in the Christian faith. We must speak up lest we be caught up in such targeting of others and we may find ourselves to be the targets. Jesus likens name-calling meant to denigrate to murder. When someone is put down and insulted, it is an attempt to destroy that person
and murder their personhood. May we not forget that each person is created in the Image of God. May we not forget that all groups and tribes of people are in the image of God.