Sunday Reflection (February 23, 2020)

The first coming of Jesus Christ was a dawning whose brightness only grows until Christ comes again (2 Peter 1:16-19). This dawning brightness grows in the sense that the message of God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ has gone beyond Galilee and Judea unto the ends of the earth, including where you are. This dawning brightness also grows in the sense that God’s love grows in our hearts. Some 1,300 years ago St. Bede said that in comparison with the ungodly, we are the very daylight itself.

That is a heavy responsibility, but take heart and have confidence: The Holy Spirit works through your life and makes you a light to others! Do not believe the lie that God cannot work through you! God does work through you the Holy Spirit makes you an instrument of divine love and compassion in the way of Jesus Christ. May we be persistent in sharing God’s love and compassion with others. May we grow in God’s grace and love.