Sunday Reflection (July 11, 2021)

Herod Antipas knew that John the Baptist was, indeed, a true prophet;
yet, when asked for the head of John the Baptist, he could not refuse,
or could he? Of course, he could have refused, but his honor and his
standing were of more importance than the life of John the Baptist.
How often do political elites scheme against others to get ahead?
Despite the popularity of John the Baptist, he had neither the power
nor the position to compel Herod to release him and not have him
murdered. Much like Jesus, John the Baptist was not politically well placed
but God was on his side.

Herod compromised himself which leads to a question for us: Have you
ever been like Herod Antipas? Have you ever compromised your faith in
Christ? That is, you listened and understood and knew the right thing to
do but did not do it? Our reasons for not responding are probably like
Herod’s. We have other concerns that are more important. We have
positions that are more important. But, what is more important than
loving God and our neighbor?