Sunday Reflection (May 1, 2022)

Getting on a religious high-horse, and thinking it is God’s will to persecute any human being is a grave misunderstanding: Be it the persecution of a pagan, a witch, a gay, a lesbian, a person with whom we disagree, or even a person whom we dislike. The persecution of any human being is a sin, for when we persecute another or others, we persecute God in that everyone is created in the Image of God.

In Acts (9:1-19), Saul having encountered Jesus Christ, forsook the persecution of others, and later, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, wrote these inspired words in 1 Corinthians: “Love endures all things, love believes all things, and love hopes all things, love never fails.” Instead of using his reasoning about God to persecute others, Saul used his reasoning about God to spread kindness and compassion.