Sunday Reflection (October 13, 2019)

Even with a little faith, you can make a big difference, but that big difference is in the small, everyday things of life that make a difference in human life and society (Luke 17:5-10). May we beWhen God blesses us do we give thanks? Think over the events of your life in the past week, the past few weeks, the past few months, the past few years. What has happened to you for which you would like to say thanks? If it is a person and you have the chance, tell that person. If it is God, God’s listening at this very moment. Take this moment and reflect on that which you are thankful (Luke 17:11-19). thankful for the privilege and opportunity to serve God. “May we be motivated by love for God and not by a sense of self-importance or by a sense of greed for reward (C. H. Evans).”