Sunday Reflection (September 13, 2020)

What makes God angry? Not being merciful and forgiving puts us in danger of judgment from God (Matthew 18:21-35).  Extending and receiving forgiveness can be a long and difficult path, yet the parable in Matthew is primarily about mercy which leads to extending forgiveness.  One worked with the other by mercifully extending forgiveness, and the one forgiven went joyfully away.  Yet, the one, greatly forgiven, could not forgive a much smaller debt owed him.  Having received mercy, he refused to dispense mercy; thus, wanting nothing to do with reconciliation.  He wanted punishment!

As God has forgiven us and reconciled us to God through Jesus Christ, may we Christians be the first to offer merciful forgiveness to begin the process of reconciliation. God’s grace has impacted our lives, may we live gracefully toward others and seek to be reconciled with others.