What’s going on in Room 109?

Well on Sunday, December 11th, that room was filled with 22 happy smiling children. The room was beautifully decorated by Dianne and Jolene. They also had the foresight to bring in large tables and more chairs. Our theme was, “Happy Birthday Jesus.”

Pastor Richard opened our program with a prayer.

Ruth told the Christmas story featuring the shepherds, angels, and the big star. The star led us to Bethlehem. Becky explained what swaddling clothes and the manger meant. We had handouts for all the children. They colored, matched, found the answer and then got together to make a mural. What fun!!

Craft time presented a little problem since we thought 12 to 15 children would be a good number to expect.

We were running low on craft supplies and while I freaked out and went looking in the supply room for a substitute, Jolene, Linda, and Nancy gave a good lesson on sharing and we had plenty of “snow” to go around, and some left over.

After pizza, cookies, and drinks, Dianne gave each child a bag of goodies to take home.

So what is going on in room 109? Love, joy, and especially God’s Love in abundance.

Watch announcements for our next event. We hope to see all the children again!

Ruth Sizemore,
Chair of Children’s Ministry 2016