New Year’s Resolutions.

The beginning of a New Year is a time that many of us make “New Year’s Resolutions.” Unfortunately for most of us, these are broken before the last football game is finished. Regardless of what our resolutions are (to go on a diet, to exercise more, to give up some bad habit, or to do something good for someone) we find it is so hard to do these things. So often we get discouraged and quit.

This struggle to bring about a change in our life is not something that is new with our generations. The apostle Paul also had to deal with this problem. To the church at Rome he wrote: “For even though the desire to do good is in me, I am not able to do it. I don’t do the good I want to do: instead I do the evil that I do not wnt to do.” [Romans 7:18-19 T.E.V.]

However Paul learned that, even though he could not change himself, Jesus could change him! The key to being the person God wants you to be is allowing Jesus to have control of your life so he can change you. Therefore, I would like to offer the following New Year Resolutions for us all to help bring about this Jesus centered change not only in our life but in the life of the church as well: In 2017 I resolve to pray more, read and study the Bible Regularly, support my church by my attendance and giving, get involved with Sunday School Class, or other Study Group, invite and bring someone to church with me, volunteer some of my time in service to others, make an intentional effort to put the needs of others above my own.

If we can do these things and can allow Jesus to replace self as the number one priority in our lives, then 2017 will be a tremendous year and our New Year’s Resolutions will not be broken by January second.