Administrative Assistant & Treasurer Job Postings


20 hrs/week: 8:30-12:30

Good technical, people, secretarial skills



20 hrs/week: 12:30-4:30

Accounting training/experience & good technical skills

Both positions available July 25th

Send resume to: Senior Pastor
First United Methodist Church
P.O. Box 445
Galax VA 24333

2016 Holston Hands-On Mission Project

The Wytheville District Hands-On Mission Project again for this year is HOME BUCKETS for ZIMBABWE
(Maria Humbane – Ishe Anesu Project for Underprivileged Children)

1 bottle hand sanitizer (10 oz. or less)

1 bottle toilet cleaner (24 oz. or less)

1 laundry detergent (liquid OR powder, 40 loads or less)

1 dish liquid (25 oz. or less)

1 shampoo (15 oz. or less)

1 body lotion cocoa butter (24 oz. or less)

1 spray deodorant (7 oz. or less)

1 antibacterial hand soap (10 oz. or less)

1 roll paper towels (individually wrapped package)

Pack all items in a NEW 5-gallon bucket with lid.
These will be picked up on JUNE 1st; so please drop off at the church any time before MAY 29th.
Thank you to all who have supported the Hands-On Mission Projects over the years. Your generosity has made a difference in thousands of lives.

Mother’s Day ‘Baby Bottle’ Campaign – May 8th

Start saving those coins!  FUMC will be doing the ‘Baby Bottle’ Campaign for the Tri-Area Pregnancy Center again this year—so don’t forget to get your bottle on  MOTHER’S DAYFILL – and return next month on FATHER’S DAY!

UMW News – May 2016

We finally had our Pancake Supper and it was a success.  Heartfelt ‘THANKS’  goes out to each of you who supported our event.  We truly appreciate you.  Words could never fully express the gratitude I have for all the “girls” and “guys” who helped make it happen.  There would be no UMW without each and every one of you.  Our next meeting will be MAY 10th at 10:00 a.m.  Norma has the program and we’ll go to the Dutch Oven in Hillsville for lunch.  Please come and join us.

– Peggy Chappell

General Conference


Every four years the United Methodist Church meets for General Conference.  This year the Conference will be held in Portland, Oregon May 10th-20th.  General Conference is composed of an equal number of Lay and Clergy Delegates with the number based on the membership of the Annual Conferences and the Central Conferences for those churches outside the United States.  For this General Conference Holston has 12 delegates; six lay and six clergy.

General Conference is the only group that speaks for the United Methodist Church and the only group that has the power to change the Book of Discipline.  The Discipline sets the rules that govern the UMC.  Some of the issues facing the General Conference this year are listed below.

  • One is a proposed new Hymnal. With the advances in printing technology it is suggested that each congregation that wishes to buy a new hymnal design their own. There will be a core group of hymns, perhaps 250-350, that will be common to all.  Additional hymns can be added based on the congregation’s preference.  For instance one may choose Praise and Worship Songs, Afro-American Spirituals, Camp Meeting Hymns, or Blue Grass Gospel to be added to the core group.  No congregation will be forced to buy a new hymnal and those who project hymns on screens, the words on any new additions to the Hymnal will be available for purchase.
  • Another suggested change is, that since the growth of the UMC outside the USA has been dynamic and here we continue to lose members at an alarming rate, make the United States Annual Conferences be Central Conferences. This would put us on equal footing with our brothers and sisters around the world. This action necessitates changing parts of the Discipline, for instance how Trustees are registered with the Circuit Court in America and not in the rest of the world, to make it universally applicant.
  • Also, there will be a change suggested in how long it takes a person to be ordained a Full Elder. Now the candidate has to serve under appointment for three years after his or her graduation from Seminary. The proposed change would make ordination possible upon graduation.
  • However, the big issue facing this General Conference is homosexuality. There are more than 90 petitions regarding this issue to be considered. Currently the Discipline states:  “The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.  Therefore self-avowed practicing homosexuals are not be certified as candidates, ordained as ministers, or appointed to serve in the United Methodist Church.” [2012 Book of Discipline, paragraph 304.3]  Also:  “Ceremonies that celebrate homosexual unions shall not be conducted by our ministers and shall not be conducted in our churches.” [paragraph 347.6]  These petitions range from making the language against homosexuality even stronger, all the way to doing away with all restrictions entirely, and every position in-between.  There is much passion, anger and fear on both sides of this issue.  Both sides are made up of good, loving Christians who interpret this issue differently.  My fear is that regardless of what General Conference decides, the United Methodist Church may split.

At this time let us all be in prayer that the voice of reason may be heard and cooler heads may prevail; and that all the delegates will seek to know and do God’s will in this matter.  My personal prayer is that no one’s feeling will be hurt beyond repair and if there is a division in the church it will be done with loving kindness, grace and love for one another.  PRAY MUCH!

– Richard